Metropolia Orchestra's first CD released!

The first album of the 50-piece Metropolia Orchestra, conducted by Jere Laukkanen, was released in November, 2012. The CD, entitled "The Great American Songbook" was recorded after a sold-out concert at the Savoy Theatre of Helsinki in May-June, 2012. The album features many guest soloists, including Juki Välipakka and Kadi Vija. The orchestra with its top-notch soloists interprets American song standards with lush sounds, great arrangements, recorded with uncompromised accuracy.

Metropolia Orchestra, conductor Jere Laukkanen: The Great American Songbook (2012, METCD-01)
Metropolia Orchestra
1. They Can't Take That Away from Me
(Gershwin/Gershwin) 3:02
2. Over the Rainbow (Arlen/Harburg) 4:42
3. A-Tisket A-Tasket (Fitzgerald/Alexander) 2:54
4. Moonlight Serenade (Miller/Parish) 3:48
5. Lover Man Davis/Ramirez/Sherman) 4:58
6. Sing Sing Sing (Prima) 3:53
7. Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man
(Kern/Hammerstein) 4:58
8. Summertime (Gershwin/Heyward) 4:16
9. Night and Day (Porter) 3:52
10. The Tale of the Oyster (Porter) 3:34
11. My Way (François/Revaux/Anka) 4:46

Soloists: Juki Välipakka, Robert Näse, Emmi Ruuskanen, Niina Sallinen, Satu Tillanen, Kadi Vija

More info: Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

European Jazz Orchestra's new CD out!

The new double CD of European Jazz Orchestra, conducted by Jere Laukkanen, has been released in February, 2012. Recorded at the final concert of European Jazz Orchestra's tour of spring 2011 in Sigyn hall of Turku, Finland, it contains compositions and arrangements of Laukkanen and Raul Sööt (of Estonia). Available on iTunes, from larger record stores and can be ordered online on Swinging Europe's website (see link below).

European Jazz Orchestra 2011 conducted by Jere Laukkanen: Live in Turku (Swinging Europe/Cow Bell #63)
European Jazz Orchestra 2011
CD 1
1. Rag-a-Muffin' (Laukkanen) 12:02
2. Outside Man (Sööt) 8:12
3. Kandidaat (Sööt) 6:28
4. Air (Sööt) 8:13
5. Uhtua (Laukkanen) 9:24

CD 2
1. Obatalá (Laukkanen) 10:24
2. What Is This Thing Called Love (C. Porter, arr. Sööt) 8:24
3. Jäälõhkuja poeg (Sööt) 10:46
4. Bulgur (Laukkanen) 12:06
5. The Missionary (Laukkanen) 8:49
6. Manteca (Gillespie-Pozo, arr. Laukkanen) 11:10

More info and mail order: Swinging Europe


Jere Laukkanen Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra
Orquesta Mucho Machito
¡Big Band Salsa!
The Reincarnation of the Cool
- see also Jere Laukkanen's teaching.

Booking: see Eskimo Music T:mi.

Jere Laukkanen Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra

The premiere of this 21-piece professional jazz orchestra took place in November 1997 in Helsinki, Finland. Jere Laukkanen Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra has given concerts at the Helsinki Festival, Imatra Big Band Festival, Kuopio Song and Dance Festival and the Arabian Nights Festival, a.o. Their debut CD Jere Laukkanen's Finnish Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra was released worldwide in October 2000 on the international Naxos Jazz label. Jere Laukkanen Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra has received numerous laudatory reviews from around the world. See reviews here. See the biography here.

Jere Laukkanen is the sole composer, arranger and conductor of this orchestra. Listen to samples of the music of Jere Laukkanen Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra here.

In the line-up of the orchestra one has seen musicians like Pekka Pylkkänen, Pentti Lahti, Yoel Terry, Olli Ojajärvi, Manuel Dunkel, Janne Murto (saxes and woodwinds); Sami Pöyhönen, Teemu Mattsson, Mikko Pettinen, Tero Saarti (trumpets); Matti Lappalainen, Mikko Mustonen, Pekka Laukkanen, Vesa-Matti Mattsson, Mikael Långbacka (trombones); Markku Martikainen, Peter Engberg (guitar); Lenni-Kalle Taipale (piano); Unski Salmi (bass); Kepa Kettunen, Rami Eskelinen (drums); Ricardo Padilla, Petri Korpela, Sami Lehto, Mika Rytkönen (percussion), ao.

Recording: Jere Laukkanen's Finnish Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra (2000, Naxos Jazz 86056-2)
Jere Laukkanen's Finnish Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra
1. Teen Town 05:03
2. Hispaniola 08:14
3. Manteca 08:40
Suite: Three Prayers
4. Part 1: Obatalá 09:41
5. Part 2: Changó 06:00
6. Part 3: Ochun 08:22
7. Tercer verano 05:47
8. Pedazos 08:02

All compositions and arrangements by Jere Laukkanen, except Teen Town comp. J. Pastorius, Manteca comp. Gillespie/Pozo.

You'll find more info about the CD and your nearest retailer from Naxos Jazz.

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Orquesta Mucho Machito

This 14-piece orchestra has specialized in performing the most reknown hits of all time of Machito and His Afro-Cubans, in original arrangements. ¡Sabroso! Orquesta Mucho Machito has performed e.g. at the Helsinki Bailaa Festival and Club Pais Tropical of UMO Jazz House, Helsinki. Jere Laukkanen is the orchestra's musical director and second vocalist.

In the line-up of Orquesta Mucho Machito one can see musicians like Yoel Terry (vocal, flute and sax); Ari Jokelainen, Pekka Pylkkänen, Pentti Lahti, Joonatan Rautio, Juha Repo, Janne Murto (saxes); Sami Pöyhönen, Teemu Mattsson, Mikko Pettinen, Tero Saarti (trumpets); Olli Hyttinen (piano); Tero Toivanen (bass); Mongo Aaltonen, Tomas Jimeno, Tom Nekljudow, Jartsa Karvonen (percussion).

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¡Big Band Salsa!

This concert repertoire consists of the hottest Salsa hits and grooviest Afro-Cuban Jazz classics of all time. As lead vocalists we've had ladies like Pauliina May (Holland/Finland) and Mertzi Rajala (Finland), who both are known as true experts in the Afro-Cuban field. During the years, one has seen with this project visiting artists such as Mario Grillo (The Machito Orchestra / The Big 3 Palladium Orchestra, USA) on timbales, and Rebeca Mauleón-Santana (USA) on the piano.

The orchestral part has been provided by e.g. the UMO Jazz Orchestra and Settlemen Big Band. The repertoire is arranged and the orchestra conducted by Jere Laukkanen. This repertoire can be booked also for educational purposes; see additional info here.

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The Reincarnation of the Cool

Hear the music of the legendary "Birth of the Cool" recordings by Miles Davis, Gerry Mulligan etc. performed live, in original arrangements! This repertoire includes all the instrumental pieces recorded by this famous nonet, plus a couple of "bonus" numbers. Trumpet virtuoso Tero Saarti is the featured soloist here.

Line-up: Jere Laukkanen (leader, piano); trumpet, alto sax, bari sax, french horn, trombone, tuba, double bass, and drums. This repertoire can be booked also for educational purposes; see additional info here.

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